Property Management

It does not matter what type of property you own or live in, good administration comes down to one thing above anything else, and that is
communication.  Our full property management services and experienced staff can offer a service that  rivals the leading property
management companies in London, especially in the Streatham area. For the times when there are several issues, you can be certain 
that we will take care of all the problems efficiently, realistically, and with highest  professionalism. 

Considering we are the leading full property management services in London, we maintain the standards set by the industry leaders
and code of practice when it  comes to dealing with land or property. The standards we maintain provide our clients with peace of mind
that all the issues, including the management of the building and accounts handling, are strictly evaluated  and managed constantly to 
ensure professionalism, transparency, and value for money at every stage of the  buying or leasing process.

We believe that the bond between the landlord and tenant is usually an honest  one: a leaseholder is happy to pay rent for a nice place
to live, and a landlord is happy to preserve a comfortable residence, for the tenant. On the unusual  occasions that a landlord/tenant
relationship  becomes edgy, you can be assured  that we will be there to provide support, and ensure an amicable
solution to the issue at hand. Thankfully we haven’t really witnessed any major problems, and we believe that this may well be
due to the way in which  we manage  properties and tenancies. 

Unlike many of our competitors, we undertake frequent property visits whilst the  tenancy is ongoing. This means that we often pick up
on potential issues before they snowball into something more grave, and it also helps to build relationships with tenants. Having a good
relationship with the tenant, and with you, our client,  helps us in being able to correct any difficulties with the minimum amount of fuss.
We also undertake to transfer rent over to you within three working days of it  crediting in our account. Our inventory of properties in
London continues to grow, a sure demonstration of our capability of doing the job.

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